Wilen Direct Logo we turn concepts into finished products. We boast manufacturing capabilities and core competencies in a number of areas that cover the entire spectrum of direct mail—from cutting-edge Variable Data Printing, production, pre-press, data hygiene, postal optimization and fulfillment. Our product lineup includes every direct mail format you can think of, and many you`ve never imagined. We literally do it all. Your only task? Enjoy reaping the benefits.
Green Certified

Industry Leading Variable Data Printing

Wilen Group is among the top 1% of Variable Data Printing Direct Mailers in the U.S.

Wilen Direct offers the latest in Variable Data Printing (VDP) technology, including 4-color VDP that helps personalize your marketing message without sacrificing quality or time. Our 600-dpi printing offers extremely high levels of detail for personalization, while our 4-color VDP eliminates the need for pre-printing and storage. We can help you increase your response rates and ROI while eliminating the costly versioning expenses of in-line presses.

Real-time Mail Tracking Tools

Our live mail-tracking program saves clients 5-10% off their total Direct Mail costs.

"Where's My Mail?," our proprietary Web-based technology, allows clients to view their marketing campaigns in real time at no extra cost. Among its many useful functions, this service provides unsurpassed tracking from the post office straight to in-home, immediate notification of delivery problem areas, triggers additional tactics in your campaign and highlights trends for forecasting and marketing adjustment.

Direct Mail Design

79% of the 1,000-plus marketing professionals surveyed ranked direct mail either effective or very effective.

Data, messaging, and offers are equally important to ensure a marketing campaign’s success. We're able to relay your message directly to consumers in flexible, affordable ways. With high-quality manufacturing, we are able to create and execute any format for your direct mail.

Format Development

You have 3 seconds to make a consumer decide to open your mail piece.

We have extensive experience with most direct mail formats, plus original, innovative formats not available anywhere else. Through in-house product development and testing, we're able to reduce overall cost while compelling the consumer to open your piece and take action.

Inline/Offline Finishing

We have eliminated most of the expenses and time traditionally associated with letter packages.

With our unique in-line printing, and imaging technology we can produce direct mail without need for envelope conversions or inserting materials. Additionally, our process allows you to send to 100% of the mail-stream without sacrificing quality, affordability or speed.

Digital Integration

76% of businesses believe that ideal marketing consists of a mix of physical and digital communications.

Working with our partner Wilen Digital we create and execute powerful messages in the digital sphere, where your company needs it to be. Choose from a diverse array of media initiatives, including mobile sites, 2D Barcode campaigns, personalized URLs, e-mails and more. Find out more.


Postage accounts for 80% of total direct mail costs.

Reducing the cost of postage fees can greatly increase your ROI. We guarantee postal efficiencies by applying an intense logistics process. Our proprietary software yields clients up to 50% in postage savings and shaves up to 20 days off of average postal delivery timelines. Services include: Advanced Logistics, Mail Tracking, Reporting, Delivery Point Validation and more.


The right testing strategy can yield up to a 30% reduction in mail volume while maintaining response levels.

Effective marketing campaigns are driven by accurate and relevant use of data. We implement strategic profiling up front and response tracking and analysis upon campaign completion. We implement a test-and-learn process to ensure the most effective communication plan is put in place. This strategy also is effectively executed through our List Management, List Enhancement, Data Intelligence and Predictive Modeling.